Claudia Asam-Martin

Office: Claudia Asam-Martin

Telefon: +49 170 / 1411223

E-Mail: info(at)

Adresse: Spitalgasse 22, 90403 Nürnberg

Michaela Hertlein

President: Michaela Hertlein

Telefon: +49 911 836206

E-Mail: mimi.hertlein(at)

Dr. Martin Winter

Vice-President: Dr. Martin Winter

Telefon: +49 9133 5090956

E-Mail: martin.winter(at)

Andrea Keidel-Rechsteiner

Vice-President: Andrea Keidel-Rechsteiner

Telefon: +49 176 78002158

E-Mail: andrea.keidel(at)

Annette Hofmann

Treasurer: Annette Hofmann

Telefon: +49 911 357911

E-Mail: AnnetteHof(at)

Antje Schirmer

Secretary: Antje Schirmer

Telefon: +49 911 5187884

E-Mail: annoevto(at)

If you would like to take part in a tour for individual visitors, just appear at the meeting point on one of the fixed dates listed. For group tours you can either make a prior arrangement with one of the tourist guides listed for the tour or contact the Association of Nuremberg City Guides